Dark Souls is getting two 500+ page lore books and I want them even though they are expensive

Here you can get a look inside the book (Image source: www.tuneandfairweather.com)

Here you can get a look inside the book (Image source: www.tuneandfairweather.com)

With the FromSoftware lore that’s a thing. It is extremely complex and there are entire YouTube channels like Vaatividya’s particularly famous one dedicated to explaining it. But now you can also buy the story of Dark Souls in two snazzy hardcover books that total 528 pages. There is also an intricate design.

Illustrated Lore Books

It’s all about this: The book edition in two volumes is called “Abyssal Archive” and is published by “Tune & Fairweather”, an Irish publisher that specializes in such collector’s editions. The book is advertised with the extremely self-confident statement:

The most comprehensive analysis of the game’s mythos ever done.

The books look like this: Whether this is really true can only be found out with some effort, but what we can see in the pictures is the elaborate design of the title. The story isn’t just about illustrations. Also included is a folded removable map of Lordran, designed by artist Judson Cowan.

The covers of the books are canvas, while the spines are made of “flame-retardant Hellkite Drake leather,” according to the publisher. So handy if you come across a dragon while browsing. The only question is how the manufacturers managed to actually kill the bridge dragon from the game. In any case, there is also a slipcase with Dark Souls iconography on the inside.

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How much does it cost and where do you get it from? You can pre-order the Standard Edition from publishers Tune & Fairweather’s website. It’s already too late for the even more complex Limited Edition and Benefactor Edition, because you could have ordered them until July 14th.

With these two, the price would be a lot higher and the Standard Edition already costs 180 euros, while the Limited Edition costs 249 euros and the Benefactor Edition a whopping 495 euros.

In addition, there are the shipping costs. The publisher ships to Germany, but unfortunately the price is only calculated when the order is placed. According to the information on the website, it will be shipped in early 2023. You have to decide for yourself whether it’s worth it to you.

Samara summer

I’m hard to get excited about Collector’s Edition games. I find that they usually get funny extras that are not very useful and often not even that nice. It’s a completely different story for me when it comes to books about video games.

I can hardly ignore beautiful books and so this cool edition also makes my hand twitch in the direction of my wallet. Finally, I’m passionate about Soulsborne lore and also love beautifully designed cards. The classic look of the books is also something different. However, the price is quite a lot, and since Dark Souls isn’t my favorite FromSoftware game anyway, I won’t be picking it up, even though I’d love to have the volumes on my shelf.

What do you say about this offer? Do you like the look and are you willing to spend that much?