A Jordanian young woman provokes a wide interaction and saves her father from bankruptcy

Many do not know the extent of the impact of social networking sites and how they can affect people’s lives and change their lives amazingly. Recently, a Jordanian young woman’s message attracted thousands of pioneers of social networking sites to top Arab sites and become the talk of the Arab trend since its publication, and the life of this young woman and her family changes from sadness to joy and from Pain is happiness.. Get to know the story in the following context..

• sad message

The girl with her post – the photo is from the official page of Sohool Sahab Restaurant on Facebook, and the girl’s photo is from the official Jordan News channel on YouTube

The twenty-year-old girl, Ruba Al-Tawabini, had published a sad message on her official page on the social networking site Facebook, in which she talks about the distress of her father and his exposure to bankruptcy after opening a restaurant that did not come to fruition, which is the only source of livelihood for this simple Jordanian family.

The daughter wipes her father’s forehead – the photo is from the official page of Sahool Sahab Restaurant via Facebook

Ruba Al-Tawabini said in her letter that she was skipping her message and her eyes were tearing after her sixty-year-old father, whom she had not seen for three days, told her, among his tears, during a phone call between them, that he would have to get rid of the “shawarma”, which he tired of preparing and cooking as a result of not selling it because there were no customers. The restaurant has been visited by a person since it opened three days ago, although it has been working all these three days in a row, which will force him to close the restaurant and face bankruptcy.
Ruba indicated in her message that her father worked for more than 20 years in Jordanian restaurants and others in the Arab world, but after he got old he decided to open his own restaurant as a result of others not accepting to operate it due to his old age.
In her letter, the Jordanian young woman, who topped the Jordanian “trend”, asked for her help in supporting her father, the only breadwinner for the family, and indicated that “the shawarma that he offers is excellent and the prices are special,” pointing out that there has been no source of income for the whole family since the beginning of this month.

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• The warmth of feelings and the love of the father provokes the interaction of activists

Thousands of citizens in front of the restaurant – the photo is from the official page of Sohool Sahab Restaurant via Facebook

A few hours later, Ruba’s message topped the Jordanian trend to surpass it and top the Arab trend, as the supportive comments and support for the message of the young woman loving her father poured out from everywhere in the Arab world, and thousands of activists and social media pioneers responded to the appeal of Ruba Tawabini to save the restaurant, and orders poured into the existing restaurant. South of the capital Amman, which turned into a state of affairs and became the talk of Jordanian public opinion, as the number of fans of the restaurant’s page reached 149,000 people, after they were 97 people.
The righteous girl did not believe her father this transformation in limited hours, and the girl thanked the Jordanians for sympathizing with her and standing by her father in the crisis he was going through, stressing that this situation is not strange to the Jordanian people who are known for their humanity, cohesion and generosity of exploits.

Supportive government position

The girl thanks everyone who supported her father – a thank you letter from the official page of Sohool Sahab Restaurant via Facebook

Several Jordanian news channels have registered with the inspiring young Jordanian and presented her story. The Jordanian Minister of Labor, Nayef Istitieh, visited the restaurant yesterday, Monday, and confirmed that it provides experiences to Jordanian youth, and is “self-supporting.” , pointing out that the girl published a sublime and purposeful message, representing a role model for many Jordanian youth, because of her insistence on supporting her father in his crisis, and what she achieved today is a message to all Jordanian youth to urge them to work with their efforts. Stetia confirmed the transformation of the restaurant into a major tourist destination in the Sahab area, and that his attendance at the restaurant was intended to see and support the experience.
On her part, according to a television interview with Jordan News Channel, Tawabini said during the presence of a crowd of customers and interactors inside the restaurant: “I did not expect what happened, and this great response from people turned the family’s sadness into joy.”
During the meeting, her father, overcoming his tears, confirmed that his daughter was “a source of livelihood” and he was proud of what she had done, announcing the official opening of the restaurant this evening, Tuesday.

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Ruba’s interview with Jordan News Channel – from the official Jordan News channel on YouTube