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Years ago, the AfD politician Höcke provided information about his right-wing extremist worldview in a book. Now Hesse’s anti-Semitism commissioner Becker wants to have it classified as “harmful to young people”. He does not fear an undesirable advertising effect.

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Anti-Semitism Commissioner: “Make it clear how the book is to be classified”

Anti-Semitism Commissioner Uwe Becker (left) and AfD politician Björn Höcke

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In 2018, Björn Höcke’s book “Never twice in the same river” came onto the market. The Federal Office for the Protection of the Constitution was one of the first readers Höcke’s then officially existing AfD “wing” is a case for intelligence monitoring.

The volume of the AfD country chief and parliamentary group leader in the Thuringian state parliament was still allowed to be sold all the time without restrictions. On Thursday, more than four years after it was published, the Federal Agency for the Protection of Children and Young People in the Media will deal with it (BzJk) in Bonn with the question: Shouldn’t the volume at least be included in the index of media harmful to young people?

This is due to a reader from Hesse. Uwe Becker (CDU), anti-Semitism officer in the black-green state government, started the process with a tip. According to his own statements, after his first reading in 2020.

“Non-spirit of neo-fascism”

As a “collection of conspiracy theories, anti-Semitism and right-wing extremist ideas,” Becker believes that the book does not belong in the hands of young people. “From beginning to end, this book breathes out the evil spirit of neo-fascism and contributes to the poisoning of our social climate.”

This is what the anti-Semitism officer wants to say on Thursday in the proceedings before the responsible inspection body for media harmful to young people. It’s the same there as before focused: In addition to Becker, authors and owners of the rights of use are heard. A committee made up of representatives from youth welfare, art, literature, religion and the book trade makes the final decision.

Spicy about Becker’s dispute with Höcke: As a senior teacher, the AfD politician still has an old relationship with Hesse. He remained a formal state official after moving into politics from a high school in Bad Sooden-Allendorf (Werra-Meißner) in 2014. His duties were suspended from then on, but civil service law protected him from measures despite right-wing extremist statements. The state government wants to do everything to ensure that Höcke does not return to teaching.

No simplified procedure

When asked, the Federal Agency for the Protection of Children and Young People in the Media did not provide any specific information about the Höcke process. Höcke himself does not want to comment in advance, as a spokesman for the AfD parliamentary group in Erfurt said. The AfD in Thuringia is “proven to be extremist” by the State Office for the Protection of the Constitution classified.

The Federal Center also left open whether a decision would be made on Thursday. It is clear that she does not expect a simplified procedure. In such a case, the smaller three-person panel of the test center would have decided. “Never in the same river twice” is decided by the larger, twelve-member committee of the test center.

The fear of the descent of white Europeans

In the controversial volume of talks, Höcke talks, among other things, about a “large-scale remigration project” for “migrants who cannot be integrated here,” in which “human hardship and ugly scenes cannot always be avoided.” The AfD politician, who leads the increasingly influential party wing, preaches masculinity and toughness.

The latter is necessary “if we unfortunately lose a few parts of the population that are too weak or unwilling to resist the ongoing Africanization, Orientalization and Islamization”. Unfortunately, in the USA, whites and blacks merged into one mass. “We Europeans should avoid this descent and preserve the people.”

In connection with the book, the FAZ spoke of a “play with cruelty” and “abysses of ethical cleansing”, the weekly magazine Zeit under the title “of “national-romantic confessional literature”, in which Höcke elevates himself to the “national savior”. In his printed ideas, Politiken ties in with the origins of völkisch thinking, as it spread in the Romantic period as a radical response to the demands of modernity.

In Becker’s opinion, he also deliberately brings modern, anti-Jewish conspiracy theories into play when he speaks of “high finance” and “backers”. Hesse’s anti-Semitism commissioner is concerned that the suggestive form of the interview could “upset young people and lead them down the wrong neo-fascist path” with such ideas.

Classification against unwanted advertising

Becker does not know why it took two years from his tip to the indexing date, as he told HR. The Federal Agency left the question unanswered. Becker rejects the objection that the book may not have landed on the shelves of children and young people. Also the fact that the book may only receive new, sales-promoting attention through the process.

The question always arises. “But the more important step is a classification of the book for those who are considering it,” said Becker. That is why it is so important to put the book on the index.

If the test center follows Becker’s view, the sale, distribution and advertising of Höcke’s book will be noticeably restricted under the Youth Protection Act. It should not be sold or made accessible to young people. Mail order, for example, would be prohibited. Publishers and dealers would have to inform buyers about the indexing.


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