Ranking: Books from and around the Kufstein district for the summer of 2022

Six books in the ranking: The editors of Regionalmedien Kufstein took a closer look at six books. They are all connected to the Kufstein district.

DISTRICT KUFSTEIN. Finally summer again. Finally travel again. Finally read again. We have waited a long time for a summer “like before” and now we have it, almost at least.
What hasn’t changed is the desire to read, try things out, continue your education and browse. Also in 2022 the editors six books selected and now puts them in one ranking before. REGIONALMEDIEN readers may be in for a surprise, because this year everything is included, from cookbooks and books of legends to mountain bike tour guides. But all works have one thing in common: they all have something to do with the district of Kufstein.

City child visits farmers

the authors Bianca Blasl and Wilhelm M. Geiger want one thing above all: bring people back together. That’s why they embarked on a journey through Austria in an old fire truck to talk to farmers and take a look inside and behind the scenes of the food we all eat.
City child meets farm – a book for anyone who wants to know where their food comes from and who makes it. The goal of building bridges between agriculture and people is a success. Worth reading for all city kids. Attention, readers from the Kufstein district: the book is also about a visit to a farm in Wörgl!
Blasl/Geiger, “Bauer to the people”, Braumüller Verlag 2022, softcover, 368 pages, 26.50 euros.

In this book, author Angelika Kichmaier shows how to "quickly" bake good bread.

Bread, quick

Baking bread quickly when you’re in a hurry – is that even possible? The author, who was born in Kufstein Angelika Kichmaier says yes”. She has a collection ready for those “in a hurry” and, as always, first offers an overview of the nuts and bolts of baking.
The book scores many good tips and tricks as well as a lot of information about baking, which is always given to the reader. From the classic black bread to the exotic bread ring cake, everything is included here. So get to the oven, even if it has to be quick!
Angelika Kirchmaier, “Quick bread baking for those in a hurry”, Pichler Verlag 2018, hardcover, 192 pages, 20 euros.

The Kufstein children's book author Brigitte Weninger retells Tyrolean legends, the artist Jakob Kirchmayr depicts them in the book.

Kufsteinerin tells legends

The Kufstein writer and children’s book author Bridget Weininger should be familiar to most people in the Kufstein district. Together with the Tyrolean artist Jakob Kirchmayr, she has retold and illustrated Tyrolean legends.
The book is divided into the Tyrolean districts, the language is simple, fine and very inviting. A reference bookReading, browsing and house book that belongs in every Tyrolean household. Particularly exciting: the newly retold legends from the Kufstein district!
Brigitte Weninger/ Jakob Kirchmayr, “Tiroler Sagen”, Tyrolia Verlag 2012, 216 pages, 22.95 euros.

In this book, Ursula Klammer explains why the works and thoughts of Hildegard von Bingen are still important today.

Hildegard von Bingen in 2022

The theologian Ursula Bracket brings the life and works of Saint Hildegard von Bingen into the present and shows them in her biography about Bingen that their messages still carry weight.
Bracket leads the reader into the Middle Ages, directly to the Rhenish abbess Hildegard von Bingen, who already knew a lot about medicine, spirituality and health in the Middle Ages. The message of this interesting biography: what the abbess once recommended is still valid today. A book to think about and pause for, but which also invites you to try out Hildegard’s wisdom and health.
Ursula Klammer, “Hildegard von Bingen”, Tyrolia Verlag, hardcover, 232 pages, 19.95 euros.

Marian Moschen's book is aimed at men who not only like to eat cake, but also like to bake it.

Cheers to the cake

More and more men have now discovered the kitchen for themselves. Not only cooking, but also baking is becoming more and more popular among men. In “Man Bakes Cakes” delivers Marian Moschen around 45 different recipesthat make your mouth water just reading through.
In the book you will find classics such as Sacher cake or cardinal slices, exotic items such as the Namibian banana cake or even cakes “that succeed with ease”. But the book also contains a lot basic knowledge. Anyone who has always wanted to know which baking pan is the most suitable or how to cut the cake base correctly should definitely take a look at Marian Moschen’s work.
Marian Moschen, “Mann bakes cakes”, Tyrolia Verlag, hardcover, 192 pages, 29 euros.

Claudia Hammerle and Willi Hofer describe 175 mountain bike tours in the Tyrolean lowlands.

On two wheels through the mountains

The mountain world of the Tyrolean Unterland can also be wonderfully explored by mountain bike. The MTB experts Claudia Hammerle and Willi Hofer have presented 175 tours of different difficulty classes for this reason.
This book contains lots of insider tips, day trips or even leisurely after-work laps. All essential information about it clear presented on one page. So if you feel like leaving your “home route” every now and then and exploring new paths, you will be happy with the newly published mountain bike guide.
Willi Hofer/Claudia Hammerle, “175 mountain bike tours in the Tiroler Unterland”, paperback, 240 pages, 19.90 euros.

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