Tracking books and Co.: These Goodreads alternatives are worth it

Rate books, exchange ideas and more: Many readers use apps to keep track of their book consumption. But since the Goodreads website was bought by Amazon, it’s worth looking for an alternative.

For years, book fans have used Goodreads to assign stars, write reviews, and keep track of their reading goals. Since Goodreads was bought by the giant Amazon, more and more readers are switching to alternative apps and websites – but not all of them are worthwhile.

1. Storygrapher

Relatively new to the scene, Storygraph was founded in 2019 by Nadia Odunayo. Both the app and the website have a user-friendly design and all the features you need: you can track the books you’ve read, write reviews, maintain your TBR (to-be-read), follow others and read their reviews. The strength of the program, however, are the recommendations, which are based on reading genres, topics and moods, and also the statistics, in which you can take a close look at your own book consumption broken down into different categories. The premium version at around 5 euros per month is still relatively new, but the free version has all the features you need.

2. Beautiful books

LovelyBooks is one of the largest German-language book communities – the website is set up similar to Goodreads. Users can rate books, write reviews and exchange ideas, but special features are live readings and numerous social media links. In addition, the website publishes its own articles and rankings, and there are also regular raffles and competitions. So if you can do without an app, you should give LovelyBooks a chance.

3. Accounting

Anyone who places less value on recommendations but would like to get used to reading as a hobby should consider Bookly. The app was founded in 2016 and has one goal: to motivate its users to read. Here you can track how long you read, capture thoughts and quotes, and choose different background sounds. At the end of the month, you get a personalized report with stats, but they relate to reading behavior and not genres. Of course, one thing is clear: the community feature similar to Goodreads does not exist here. With the premium version, which costs just under 5 euros per month, you get even better statistics and motivational quotes – it’s not really necessary.

4th letter street

Bookstr, on the other hand, has no claim to tracking books, but is more of an online magazine for literature. The website provides readers with news about their favorite authors, provides background information on novels and has many recommendations ready. Quiz รก la Buzzfeed can also be found as a break between books. The focus here is more on the informative part than on the exchange of books. As a supplement for another app or website or for browsing in between, Bookstr can score points.

5. Bookshelf, Booktube & Bookstagram

Although Tiktok, Youtube and Instagram are not only intended for books, they should not be missing as a Goodreads alternative. Book recommendations and reviews can be found all over the Internet, Booktok books have almost become a genre of their own and Gen Z people looking for new literature often look first on social media. Where the community aspect is absent from other apps and websites, it is paramount here. The content related to literature is diverse and the ideal addition to the book repertoire.