5 summer novels that we can’t put down now

Do you love books that put you in the summer mood when you read them and make you feel like you’re on vacation? Then we warmly recommend these 5 novels:

The best summer novels for vacation

1. You Don’t Forget How to Swim by Christian Huber

August 31, 1999: Scorching heat lies over Bodenstein, the home town of 15-year-old Pascal. It’s the long holidays, and actually the boy could be enjoying the summer. The skate park. The high school parties. The outdoor pool with the best fries on the planet. But since he can no longer swim, Pascal no longer likes the summer. He cannot explain why this is so. Nor why everyone calls him Krüger. And certainly not why he must not fall in love under any circumstances. He prefers to daydream and write stories. Then Jacky crashes into his world. A mysterious girl from the circus. With red hair, water blue eyes and not afraid of anything. Together they spend a shimmering, last day of summer that changes everything forever…

2. An Infinitely Short Summer by Kristina Pfister

Where do you go when you’re running away from yourself? Get on any train and go to the terminus? In this way, Lale ends up at a campsite by the lake. There she helps the old owner Gustav renovate and feed the animals. Until Christophe, who has traveled from the other end of the world and seems to feel what Lale is feeling, disturbs the supposed calm. Together they experience a unique summer.

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3. Happiness smells like summer by Meike Werkmeister

It doesn’t have to be the big wide world for doctor Ina. After college, she moved back to her old home on the coast – back to a man she thought was her future. But the man is long gone, and Ina has also lost her position in the Husum hospital. Without further ado, she follows a childhood dream and moves to Hamburg, where she hides in a small arbor on the Alsterfleet. While the overgrown piece of garden turns into a sea of ​​flowers under her hands, Ina also blossoms again. And she realizes that old dreams can only become something completely new if she listens to her heart…

4. Immortal for a Summer by Jennifer Niven

A week before graduation, Claude finds out that her parents are getting divorced. Instead of going on the road trip of a lifetime with her best friend, she’s moving to a remote island off the coast of Georgia with her mother for the holidays. Anger is Claude’s shield against anyone who gets too close. But then she meets Jeremiah Crew. Together with Jeremiah, Claude explores the exotic island and embarks on a great adventure. And together with him she learns that the end of a summer doesn’t matter when the in-between is so unspeakably beautiful.

5. Beck’s Last Summer by Benedict Wells

Beck is not to be envied. His music career came to nothing, his job as a teacher bores him and his love life is a disaster. But then he discovers a musical talent in his class: Rauli Kantas from Lithuania, whose manager he becomes. But he has no idea what he’s getting himself into… A tragi-comic novel about a magical summer, missed opportunities, dreams and a road trip to Istanbul.

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