Start of the series on Prime Video in the stream

This Friday, July 29th, the Paper Girls series celebrates its worldwide premiere on the streaming service Amazon Prime Video. All eight episodes go online that day. The preview shows how the quartet suddenly landed in 2019 and made acquaintance with some technical innovations, such as Alexa. In addition, viewers learn that time travel is a kind of crime for which the women delivering the newspapers have to answer. Armed attackers will soon be ready…

In the “paper girlIt’s about a quartet of girls who deliver newspapers on Halloween morning in 1988 and suddenly get into a conflict between feuding time travelers. Now they are involved in the dispute and may have to save the world. As they travel through time, they encounter future versions of themselves from 2019 and must either accept their fate or fight for an alternative.

Sofia Rosinsky (“Rapid Layne“) plays Mac Coyle. She comes from a working class Catholic family. Mac is the first newspaper deliverer in Stony Stream. The job was passed on to her by her older brother, whom she absolutely loves and appreciates. She is strong on the outside, which she likes to emphasize with her sharp tongue and her fists. In doing so, she actually only hides her own insecurities. She often chooses to be alone, but the unusual events of 1988 force her to take the lead in the group.

Camryn Jones (The Mayor) takes on the role of Tiffany Quilkin. The only child of achievement-oriented parents, she has big plans for the future that she doesn’t want her to mess up. Sometimes she bends the truth a bit, but there’s no denying that she’s extremely smart. She has a vast knowledge of pop culture and loves gadgets and technical innovations. She has been delivering newspapers for a little over a year.

Riley Lai Nelet (Altered Carbon) is Erin Tieng. She is a responsible daughter, sister and newspaper delivery girl. Erin often sits between chairs. She is a bilingual immigrant with Chinese roots, but also a typical American teenager who dreams of a perfect life like on American television. Ali Wong (American Housewife, Tuca & Bertie) takes on this role as an adult. For young and grown-up Erin, the focus is on the conflict that there is a glaring difference between childhood dreams and the results that have become reality. In short: Little Erin is disappointed that Big Erin failed so much…

paper girl volume 1

Fina Strazza (“A Christmas melody‘) is played by KJ Brandman. She is one of the few Jewish girls in Stony Stream and part of one of the wealthiest families in town. Both are exactly the facets that no one ever seems to forget. Only when she plays field hockey does she feel comfortable. But her mother in particular has problems with this sporty image. KJ is sensitive but doesn’t let anyone get close to her and is emotionally agitated at times. She doesn’t actually need the part-time job, but it gives her freedom.

Stephany Folsom, Christopher Cantwell and Christopher C. Rogers will serve as executive producers. Folsom and Rogers also share showrunner duties. Brian K. Vaughan (Y – The Last Man) and Cliff Chiang worked on the template together. Between 2015 and 2019, 30 issues were published, collected in six trade paperbacks. Amazon Studios, Legendary TV and Plan B produce the comic adaptation.

Comics writer Brian K. Vaughn (Y – The Last Man, “saga“) explained: “I love this series. The exceptional cast feels like they’ve stepped straight out of the pages of our comic. And whether you’ve read every issue of ‘Paper Girls’ or just started the ride here, there are huge surprises in store for you in this epic first season.

Finally, here is the above-mentioned trailer for the series “paper girl“: