Dance and celebration of Al-Ahly players anger the fans and push the administration to move

The story began with the circulation of videos on social media, showing Ayman Ashraf, Mohamed Magdy Afsha, Yasser Ibrahim and Hossam Hassan, the first team players in Al-Ahly Club, dancing to the songs of the popular singer Abdel Basset Hammouda at a wedding in Cairo.

Critics saw what the players did as a provocation to the fans and a lack of appreciation for the responsibility after the red team’s declining results in its last matches, as well as the presence of upcoming matches that must be prepared.

The big criticism prompted Al-Ahly’s management, represented by the club’s director of football, Sayed Abdel Hafeez, to sign a fine on the four players.

Al-Ahly club said on its official website that the punishment for the four players “for violating the instructions to be in their homes according to the scheduled dates at night to obtain adequate rest.”

For his part, the Egyptian sports critic, Ramadan Hassan, said that what the Al-Ahly quartet did “is unacceptable and unacceptable and stems from a lack of awareness of the crises that the team is going through at the present time, and also a lack of respect for the feelings of the Al-Ahly fans, who are very angry at the decline in performance and results, especially in the recent period.” Which followed the loss of the CAF Champions League final against Moroccan Wydad.

And he continued, “The presence of the Al-Ahly quartet at the wedding of one of their friends who owns a famous fish restaurant, came a few days after the loss of the Egypt Cup against Zamalek and a shameful decline in the team’s performance and results, which is the main reason that angered everyone inside the club, including Mahmoud Al-Khatib, president of the club and general supervisor of the club.” the ball, which issued a decision to punish them financially.”

He continued, “In general, Al-Ahly players do not represent themselves as long as they play in a large club the size of Al-Ahly, and therefore what they did is a clear provocation to the feelings of the team’s fans, who launched a fierce attack on them through various social networking sites, because the team is currently going through a very difficult stage that was imposed on the team.” The Quartet respected the feelings of Al-Ahmar’s fans.”

Hassan confirmed that “the financial penalty signed by Sayed Abdel Hafeez, the football director, and announced by Al-Ahly on its official website, Friday, is sufficient from the point of view of the technical staff, as evidenced by the quartet joining the team list announced by coach Ricardo Suarez for the Arab Contractors match that will be held on Saturday in the Egyptian Premier League competitions. “.

Regarding that the penalty may not be effective with the players, Hassan said: “Yes, Al-Ahly players receive salaries in millions of pounds annually, and therefore, in my view, the financial penalty may not be sufficient to prevent the recurrence of such unacceptable behavior, and here they must stand with themselves even a little and listen to the feelings of Al-Ahly’s angry fans and respect this anger by not repeating the departure from the text.”

He stressed that, “If Al-Ahly was in its natural technical state of readiness for all its stars and good results in the various tournaments, the team’s quartet would have been excluded from participating at least in the contractors match on Saturday, but their inclusion in the list is an emergency circumstance that the technical staff resorted to and in agreement with the director of the ball, Especially since they are one of the main pillars of the team.