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WAs a young reader, he wouldn’t have shared his excitement as to whether Kasperl, despite the spells cast by the great and evil magician Petrosilius Zwackelmann, managed to leave his castle and get help? Who would not have sincerely hoped that the little night ghost, who to his horror had turned into a day ghost, would be able to open his chest again under the cover of darkness? That the strong Vanya in the fight for the tsar’s daughter and the miller’s boy Krabat may prevail against his master and his dark powers?

Next year will be the tenth anniversary of Otfried Preussler’s death and his hundredth birthday. His figures are colourful, three-dimensional, lively as ever: their names alone evoke memories of books that have accompanied generations of children over the years.

On March 9, Christian Brückner lent his unmistakable voice to texts by the popular author of children’s and youth books at an “Evening on Otfried Preussler” at the Freies Deutsches Hochstift in Frankfurt. Tilman Spreckelsen classified the work, which was also created against the background of growing up in the German-Bohemian border area.

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