World Cup 2022: Football is a city for migrant workers in Qatar – The Guardian

picture released, Getty Images

We start our tour with the Guardian newspaper, which wrote an editorial titled ‘Migrant workers in Qatar: football owes them’.

The newspaper began by referring to the Winter Olympics in Beijing and the launch of the “Live Golf” golf tournament funded by Saudi Arabia, and the FIFA World Cup that will be held in Qatar this year as “sufficient evidence of the value of sports bleaching for countries that suffer from a problem in the global image.” .

“Now only five months away (from the tournament), a trilogy of events designed to increase the soft power of authoritarian regimes will be completed,” she wrote.

The newspaper said that the decision of the International Football Association (FIFA) to grant Qatar – which has a hot climate and a poor record in human rights – to host the World Cup raised suspicions, confusion and panic on a large scale.