You and your party are a shameful and fleeting situation, and you are the ones who will disappear, and we will remain, and the forces are in a state of confrontation with Hezbollah

A member of the “Strong Republic” bloc, Representative Pierre Bou Assi, confirmed that “in the first session of the House of Representatives, there was a gold ingot of 19 deputies, which is the bloc of the Strong Republic, and we are very proud of our principles, our constants, our history, our clear political identity, and the confidence of the people. About our principles, and our performance in the session is the best proof of that, while others with 100,000 missiles and a system of killing and intimidation extending from Tehran to Yemen did everything in their power to secure the votes of 65 deputies with cheap, hackneyed deals to deliver their candidates. Nabih Berri, with the bully, secured victory for him today.”

During the inauguration ceremony of a new headquarters for the “Lebanese Forces” center in the upper valley of Shahrour, Bou Assi considered that “the flavor of victory in Tuesday’s session was for the group that did not win, as we said out loud that we will not elect Berri because his principles and constants and his near and distant political past do not resemble us, How can I vote for Berri when he neglects sovereignty through his attachment to Hezbollah? How can I vote for him while he neglects the charter as soon as it is linked by Shiites to the bilateral agreement of Hezbollah and Amal and he won 27 deputies or through their obtaining a portfolio of money or an employee from here or there? This is a fatal mistake and a distortion of this charter. “It is linked to any danger to the existence and role of one of the components. We do not criticize him publicly and make a deal with him in secret, so we voted against him openly despite our awareness of his victory and our respect for the results of the democratic process.”

Bou Assi stressed that he “is not sovereign over the plot, but rather in depth and in absoluteness,” and said, “This is how the gold ingot is under the dome of the parliament. This is how the Lebanese Forces are in the first and until the last session this parliament will hold, consistent with their convictions and with their head held high, but beware that someone tries Raise the finger in our face, for the raised finger will be in the face of the “head bowed.” We are not ready to lose our values, principles, and a homeland for which we paid 15,000 martyrs, whatever the price. From Australia to Canada, from Sweden to the Gulf and Africa, and wherever there is a Lebanese, there are forces.”

He addressed the Secretary-General of “Hezbollah” Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah, saying: “You and your party are a shameful and fleeting situation in our society and in our region. We are red like the blood that runs in our veins, but you are yellow like disease and death. We will not surrender before you, but you will disappear. And we will stay because this is the year of life, “and not once does death win over life, you are death and we are life.” As a rule, we will return to one social fabric with the sons of Nabatiyeh, Dahieh and Baalbek whom you deprived of Fairouz, Wadih al-Safi and Nasri Shams al-Din and is working to change their cultural identity, customs and traditions. This is the inevitability of history.

He added: “We are building a homeland for us, our children, and his children, but not for him, considering that he raises them in poverty and a culture of death and under the banner of “Oh God, give my children martyrdom.” Whoever sends his children to die in Yemen, Syria and the rest of the earth is not qualified to have children, for martyrdom is not a goal. Rather, it is a duty whenever we have to, but life is the goal, and loose governments must be put to an end, and the voice of the forces will be loud in the face of waste, corruption and domination of the country, and it will raise the barrage politically.”

He added, “The President of the Republic describes the reality instead of the initiative to deal with a financial, economic, monetary and social explosion in the country three years ago, and the authority did not take any serious step to address the crisis, or at least brake the collapse. In the neighborhood from Cyprus to Greece, they were able to get out of the crisis within two and a half years, And they took the necessary measures to implement Capital Control in 3 days, but for us, two and a half years have passed, and they have not taken any step, but are still looking at Capital Control.”

Bou Assi addressed the audience by saying: “It is not we who won the elections, but the people who gave us victory. The sons of Baabda, from “Faqash Al-Mouj” to Mount Church, decided to give us their trust and give the list of “Baabda Sovereignty and Decision” three seats, and we will not betray this We will carry it with great honor. Our performance in the next stage will be in accordance with the weights that have become in our hands, and we will not have mercy on any corrupt and manipulator of the fate of the Lebanese. The battle of each of you, not the battle of Pierre Bou Assi.