Maserati opens the MC 20 to the Spyder

SThe Italian brand Maserati has had its gorgeously designed MC 20 sports car in its range since autumn 2020. For the summer of 2022, Maserati is now showing us the sky is close. Cielo is the name of the breathtakingly beautiful Spyder, which is not accidentally presented in a cloudless special paint finish. As soon as the first test drives are possible, we will report, but the goosebumps caused by the coupe will hardly be less here.

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The format is known. The Cielo is 4.67 meters long, almost two meters wide and waist-high. Its aerodynamic knowledge is borrowed from that of the coupé, otherwise there were no essential reasons for any far-reaching changes. The spectacular butterfly doors that open upwards are a visual delight, and anyone who is now thinking about getting in must trust their own agility anyway.

The carbon chassis taken from the coupe and also used in the future electric version should offer the required torsional rigidity, twisting or creaking are not tolerated. Especially since the roof should open and close within 12 seconds in an interaction of the hinges and flaps in every situation. It is made of electrochromic glass and, as the Italians promise, changes from sky-blue transparent to hellish black at the push of a button. When closed, it reliably keeps noise out, but who drives closed?

The spectacular upward opening butterfly doors are a visual delight.

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New Maserati Spyder

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On the drive side, the familiar is served, which should not be confused with the ordinary. The 3.0-liter V6 petrol engine delivers 630 hp and 730 Nm of torque, and we can already hear the rear tires whimpering in anticipation. The 65 kilograms of extra weight can be coped with. 2.9 seconds are enough for the sprint to 100 km/h and a top speed of 325 km/h. On Earth, the Cielo appears in the fourth quarter and from 260,000 euros upwards, of course.