6 questions that must be studied in Al-Ahly .. – Hassan Al-Mistakawi

Posted in: Tuesday, May 31, 2022 – 9:55 PM | Last update: Tuesday, May 31, 2022 – 9:55 PM

1- Is Mosimane evaluated by the number of championships?
Which he achieved or his technical philosophy in managing team matches?
2 Is the Percy Tau-Mixesoni deal a success?
Is it enough to shine in a match and be absent in matches?
3 Who is responsible for recruiting players to the team who do not play?
.. And what are the skills required in the Al-Ahly player?
4- Was there a real analysis of the big win?
On Setif and then draw with him with difficulty there?!
5- Is the idea of ​​“absorbing the opponent’s enthusiasm” valid?
The old team for championships like Al-Ahly?!
6- Does the team need some strengthening?
Positions with new players and good deals?!

** Congratulations to Wydad for winning the African Championship, and it was the best team in the final match, and it is hard for you to Al-Ahly, not only for losing the continental title, but for losing the opportunity to crown it for the third time in a row, setting a record. At the local and continental levels, technically and administratively, Moroccan football today won three titles this season: the Champions League, the Confederation Cup and the Super League. I also succeeded in managing the file of the final match, even if we agree to it, and we have talked about it here in successive articles and asked questions that were not answered by CAF. He justifies and does not explain Al-Ahly’s loss of the title. The hanger does not fit, and not seeing the technical reality of the team is a big mistake.
** Wydad coach Walid Rekraki managed the final match very well, especially in the first quarter of an hour, which witnessed pressure from five players on Al-Ahly’s defense and three shots, one hit the crossbar and one passed next to the post and the third hit El-Shennawy’s goal, and the Al-Ahly goalkeeper at the level known for him could have been He has a better performance in the first goal ball. Yes, it was a strong and correct start for Wydad, compared to a wrong and weak start for Al-Ahly, who did not respond to the high pressure by any means. And the wrong start was the result of a weak tactical perception by Musimani for the final, and perhaps the South African was captivated by an old traditional idea, which has become a dull philosophy, which is “absorbing the enthusiasm of the opponent.” The result is to raise the flag of retreat before playing, and raise the flag of retreat from the beginning of the game..!
** This is how Al-Ahly played and Musimani played, with a wrong formation, a wrong way, a wrong beginning, a wrong tactic, and even the change was a mistake and in a wrong timing. Add to that the absence of 6 or 7 players from the team from their level and therefore the absence of personality. When Al-Ahly defeated Setif, the secret was the initiative in personality and attack, in addition to the weak capabilities of the Algerian team, which we referred to at the time, while the matter is completely different from the final match with Wydad, who played 39 matches in various competitions during the current season, winning 27 and drawing 7 He lost 5. He is armed with players who have modern ball skills that suit the complexities and difficulty of the game in terms of strength, lengths and speeds.
** Wrong start, Mosimane tackled it too late. His changes were a reaction to the result only, which is possible when the difference in the conflict between the two teams is small, but with a clear individual and collective defect linked to the method, formation and condition of players, it was necessary to speed up the change, which is what Manuel Jose did, for example, in some matches without waiting for a goal to shake the goal. the team. In fact, in the first half, Al-Ahly did not begin to cross the midfield line until the 18th minute, and Taher shot a ball with the features of the attack in the 21st minute, and a scoring opportunity was missed by Yasser Ibrahim in the 24th minute with a header that passed next to the Wydad goalkeeper Al-Taknaouti. Al-Ahly’s possession was greater, but it was of no use to the strong defense of Wydad. And due to the lack of positivity from the players, in the sense of real production, we see Percy Tau moving right and left and seeming lost, not knowing what to do, and not improving control of the ball in front of the fusion force. Hamdi Fathi and Diang are unable alone to control the midfield in front of five or four players from Wydad, and Ali Maaloul does not find defensive support that covers his rush forward if it happens, and Hussein Al-Shahat watches from his wing the match, and Abdel Qader does not find a colleague next to him who passes the ball to him, so he goes with it and loses it And Hani is enough to feel the heavy responsibility for the second goal that killed the match..!
** Al-Ahly is required to evaluate the technical position of the team and the coach in depth and with a scientific and accurate analysis, and the courage of the trend to contract with the South African coach as an unprecedented step, but the club did well when it announced on its official website: “The board of directors did not call for any emergency meetings to discuss any matters concerning The club’s first football team after losing the African Champions League title.. This statement is an important part of evaluating the team’s position in depth and without undue emotion.. But in this context, is the evaluation subject to the results and championships achieved by this device and this generation? Or for the level of local and continental performance and the philosophy of play?
** Evaluation of tournaments in the interest of Mossami, as he is the winner of the African Championships twice in 2020 and 2021, and since he took over the team’s training in October 2020, after Rene Weiler, he won with him the Egypt Cup and then the African Super twice to raise his balance of championships to five with Al-Ahly .. And in On the other hand, Al-Ahly suffered on its way to the final, and its results and performances in general were not good. In the league, he also suffered and played 4 matches without winning until he defeated Enppi in the fifth meeting with difficulty.
Is that enough, or are there other criteria for evaluation?
** Is it worth reviewing the contracts and deals that cost Al-Ahly huge sums of money, including players watching the matches without opportunities to play or experience? Who made the choice? Who is the owner of the contract decision? Can a player like Percy Tau be compared to a player like Guy Penza? Is it enough for a professional player in Al-Ahly to shine in one or two matches, then fade in matches and disappear? Is it enough for Mixoni to score two goals in a match and then sit in front of the TV screen watching his team play? Does Al-Ahly need support for some centers or not?
** These are questions that the football administration in Al-Ahly must study.