Rezo destroys Heidi’s “Germany’s next top model”!

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“Toxic!”: Rezo destroys Heidi’s “Germany’s Next Top Model”

By Bjorn Strauss

Aachen – Of the CDU destroyer is back at work. In keeping with “Men’s Day” and Thursday, when “Germany’s Next Top Model” (GNTM) is running, Rezo’s (29) latest work is trending: “GNTM Exposed: Abuse, Lies and Minors”. In short, the next “destruction” – it works Heidi Klum (48) on the model’s collar.

The 29-year-old Rezo “destroys” again. His latest “enlightenment video” deals with Heidi Klum’s GNTM. © Henning Kaiser/dpa

“Open your mouth, be sensual!”, The candidates should roll on a naked man – “Make the man a bit hot! Do sexy moves, be sexy… – seduce him!” Heidi Klum at least notices that Heidi is surprised in this scene when the male model gets an erect penis. (“Why does he keep reaching into his little trousers?” Well, why do you think Heidi?)

It doesn’t matter, the target group gets what Heidi puts in front of her. “Young women should sexualize themselves on GNTM,” Rezo puts it in a nutshell in his new YouTube video.

He is “about the way HOW women are made to do it!” Rezo begins in his slander that ProSieben produces “drama” and he is particularly upset that minors are sometimes “shot” naked – against their will.

All that matters: Nathalie destroys Maximilian's life!
All that counts
All that matters: Nathalie destroys Maximilian’s life!

He addresses millions of eating disorders in young people who fell ill through Heidi’s format – Rezos calls it “physical injury”.

Heidi Klum intentionally and “consciously inflicts mental injuries” on the candidates, also to generate arguments. Which just brings a better rate. That’s how it is, the holy “law in trash TV”.

GNTM as a (wank) template?

Heidi Klum (48) do "for content and profit everything"so the accusation - according to Rezo it's about serialization and manipulation!

Heidi Klum (48) does “everything for content and profit”, according to the accusation – according to Rezo, it’s about serialization and manipulation! © Jordan Strauss/Invision/AP/dpa

For 31 minutes, the YouTuber shows excerpts from old GNTM episodes, across all the many years since 2006, which are bitter for him. Heidi has now arrived at season 17 with her “Casting” show.

17 seasons in which model mom Heidi shows her young women and minors partly naked (Sex sells) and lets them argue (Beef sells)…

Ok, as a trash fan you are used to a lot when it comes to “fakeness” in the entertainment business… Does Heidi go too far with your format? For Rezo clearly: Yes!

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Sing my song 2022: Lotte breaks off heavy song and cries!

Rezo isn’t the only one taking on the model trash format. Criticism is currently increasing, especially from within their own ranks, and the aspiring models themselves are making serious allegations to the public.

Rezo’s conclusion? First, he expresses his respect for the victims, who are now “speaking out loud”. One question remains for the 29-year-old: “Why hasn’t this show been canceled yet?”

He enumerates body shaming, negative toxic effects on millions of women, harsh allegations of manipulation from various quarters, active acceptance of bodily harm and failure to provide assistance – vehemently underlining his allegations again.

Sexism, body shaming, abuse, etc. addressed in his very typical way

Were the candidates manipulated at GNTM?  Lijana Kaggwa (26) also has a lot to report.

Were the candidates manipulated at GNTM? Lijana Kaggwa (26) also has a lot to report. © Screenshot/YouTube/Lijana Risen

These are “abuse allegations against Heidi Klum, the multi-millionaire, to sexualize for content!” – Well, Heidi, what now?

“I don’t have a photo for you today…” After Rezo’s destruction, Heidi’s (cult) sentence is a bit more bitter than before – at least for the Twitter community, where #Rezo is trending at number 1 – rightly so!

Cover photo: Henning Kaiser/dpa, Jordan Strauss/Invision/AP/dpa

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