Möbel Mahler in Siebenlehn is starting a mega special sale on Friday (May 27th).


Möbel Mahler in Siebenlehn is starting a mega special sale on Friday (May 27th).


seven-league – From Friday (May 27th) lowers Furniture Mahler in Siebenlehn massively raises the prices in many departments and sells individual items up to 80 percent cheaper.

You also get 35 percent on furniture and kitchens*¹ as well as a 30 euro voucher*³.

The furniture store has also provided shopping fun for the whole family, with delicious food and a huge model railway for young and old.

Top tip: Apply to Möbel Mahler and wins a trip for the summer holidays.

The most important details about the campaigns are now available for you at a glance.

Offers from Friday (May 27th) at Möbel Mahler in Siebenlehn

© Möbel Mahler

Anyone looking for new furniture at top prices should plan a trip to Möbel Mahler in Siebenlehn from Friday (May 27).

Here you can save 35 percent on furniture and kitchens for the last time!*¹

If that’s not enough for you, you get a 30 euro voucher for purchases of 90 euros or more.

It’s that easy: Download the coupon (see image below) and present it at checkout when paying*³.

You can already save 30 euros on bedding and household goods, lamps, home textiles and gifts the next time you go shopping.

Möbel Mahler even has dream kitchens up to 82 percent reduced!

The six best price highlights from the current sale that’s why we introduced you to our slider show:

Here’s the voucher

>>> Click here and download a voucher for 30 euros!” width=”951″ height=”634″ src=”https://media.tag24.de/951×634/e/x/ex6qio7d4468qc3knrvl5fio0bljkvs6.jpg” srcset=”https://media.tag24.de/951×634/e/x/ex6qio7d4468qc3knrvl5fio0bljkvs6.jpg 951w, https://media.tag24.de/720×480/e/x/ex6qio7d4468qc3knrvl5fio0bljkvs6.jpg 720w, https://media.tag24. de/480×320/e/x/ex6qio7d4468qc3knrvl5fio0bljkvs6.jpg 480w, https://media.tag24.de/360×240/e/x/ex6qio7d4468qc3knrvl5fio0bljkvs6.jpg 360w” sizes=”(min-width: 950px) 950px, 100vw” loading=”lazy”/><figcaption class=

>>> Click here and download a voucher for 30 euros! © Möbel Mahler

Offers on sale at Möbel Mahler

At Möbel Mahler there is a big sale of individual pieces, where you can save up to 82 percent. Eg costs the Fitted kitchen Pino 80 now only 1,999 euros.

More kitchen offers in the outlet:

Not the right thing yet? On the Möbel Mahler outlet page you will find more kitchen offers, as well as great deals for sofas, wall units, beds and more.

But remember: These are all one-offs – so what’s gone is gone.

Offers at LaCantina Restaurant

>>> Click here and download coupon!” width=”951″ height=”634″ src=”https://media.tag24.de/951×634/u/9/u9nw95qiw55kshyvwpxrs3s82xw7cljd.jpg” srcset=”720w de/480×320/u/9/u9nw95qiw55kshyvwpxrs3s82xw7cljd.jpg 480w, https://media.tag24.de/360×240/u/9/u9nw95qiw55kshyvwpxrs3s82xw7cljd.jpg 360w” sizes=”(min-width: 1000px) 551px, (min-width: 650px) 54vw, 100vw” loading=”lazy”/><figcaption class=

>>> Click here and download coupon! © Möbel Mahler

After a successful shopping tour, enjoy yourself in the LaCantina Restaurant.

Our top tip: Be sure to try the schnitzel with local German asparagus and Hollandaise sauce.

You only pay for that 6.90 euros per serving.

Simply download the coupon (see image) or show this page at checkout. You can feast cheaply that easily.

By the way: The restaurant is open for you from Monday to Saturday from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Free with the Möbel Mahler holiday bus to the amusement park

© Möbel Mahler

Exactly at the beginning of the summer holidays starts Furniture Mahler holiday bus again his colorful tour into adventure – namely to the large indoor playground in Großschirma.

There you can climb, jump, slide, build and even paddle.

There is also a huge railway system and a cool Indian world for all curious explorers to explore.

This is followed by delicious pasta with tomato sauce and cheese plus a drink.

This is how the Mahler holiday bus comes to you:

Parents and educators can send an email to patrick.wolf@moebel-mahler-siebenlehn.de with the subject “Holiday bus Möbel Mahler”the desired date and the reason why the bus should stop at your place.

Be quick and apply by 06/24/2022 for one of the 12 open places.

We wish you good luck 🙂

You can find more information about the Möbel Mahler holiday bus here.

This is how you get to shopping fun in Siebenlehn:

© Möbel Mahler

Furniture Mahler furnishing center GmbH & Co. KG Siebenlehn
On the 4 freeway
09603 Großschirma OT Siebenlehn

Phone: 035242/ 4884-0
Email: Siebenlehn@moebel-mahler-siebenlehn.de

Opening hours:
Mon – Sat: 10 a.m. to 7 p.m


*¹ Articles from the brands Miele, Berbel, Bora, Oster, Leicht, Liebherr, Walden and the articles advertised in this brochure that are already reduced and all articles that are marked as permanently low prices are excluded from this discount campaign. Can not be combined with other discount offers. No cash payments. Only applies to new kitchen orders up to and including May 28, 2022.

*³ We will charge you this amount when you present this voucher with your Möbel Mahler purchase from a purchase value of 90 €. Voucher can only be used once per customer and purchase contract within the campaign period. Furniture, kitchens, mattresses, vouchers and books and articles from the brands JOOP!, Leifheit, Leonardo, Silit, Villeroy & Boch, WMF are excluded from this discount campaign. All items participating in the promotion in the online shop and in the brochure inserts are already reduced and marked during the promotion period. Current brochures can be viewed at www.moebel-mahler-siebenlehn.de. Articles marked as permanently low prices are also excluded. Can not be combined with other discount offers. Cash payments not possible. Valid only for new purchases until May 28th, 2022.

Cover photo: Möbel Mahler