Ibrahim Hassan: Abu Rida fell short against Al-Ahly… and my brother “does not bite” until he is excluded from training the national team

Ibrahim Hassan, the former football director of Al-Ittihad Club of Alexandria, attacked Hani Abu Rida, a member of the CAF Executive Office, and some of the Egyptian Federation officials, for not choosing his twin, Hossam Hassan, to take over the technical leadership of the Egyptian national team.

The Football Association announced the appointment of Ihab Galal as technical director of the national team to lead it in the coming period, succeeding Portuguese coach Carlos Queiroz.

Ibrahim Hassan said during a telephone interview on the “Al-Match” program broadcast on “Sada Al-Balad” channel: “Hani Abu Raida is a palace against Al-Ahly regarding the file of Morocco hosting the final of the tournament.”

He added, “Al-Ahly should consider that he played a first leg match against Wydad that ended in a draw, and that he is able to win the championship.”

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And he talked about appointing Ihab Galal as technical director of the Egyptian national team, saying: “Any coach, whether foreign or Egyptian, takes charge of the national team. We certainly wish him success, but for us (the issue remained terrifying).”

He continued: “The Egyptian people are very smart, and those who love Egypt know the things that are happening and fight Hossam and Ibrahim so that we are not in the Egyptian team.”

He continued, “We are always fought and decisions that harm us are taken, because we are cleaner than those who do that, and the People’s Assembly questioned officials to talk about violations in the Football Association because it is full of them.”

And he added: “Hossam and I will not be able to work in this system that depends on relationships and courtesies, and one of the former officials in the Football Association told me at one time the reason for not training the national team is that we do not know how to compliment and win the media, and the second thing is that the officials of the Jabaliya are afraid of us.” .

He asked: “Did Hani Abu Rida ever wear a football uniform to manage Egyptian football?! The Portuguese Carlos Queiroz managed about 20 matches with the Egyptian national team, and there is not one of them that he did not quarrel in, and members of the technical staff were also expelled.”

He added, “Queiroz was expelled in the final against Senegal, and by God, if Hossam Hassan was the one in his place and that happened to him in the final match, we would have been criminally prosecuted.”

And he added: “My response to those who say that officials are afraid of Hossam and Ibrahim (Why are we biting!), and there is no coach in the Egyptian League who has not been expelled .. Hassan Shehata, Helmy Tolan, Imad Al-Nahhas and others were previously expelled.”

He continued, “The replay of the match between Egypt and Senegal is a lie. Do you underestimate the Egyptian people? You say the match will be repeated because of (the laser!) Is this reasonable? (Laser) is used in Egypt and by the fans of Zamalek and Al-Ahly. Stop underestimating the people.”

He continued, “Any competitor is afraid of facing a team trained by Hossam Hassan, so what about if he takes over the leadership of the Egyptian team, and his name on the African continent is great, and I have not seen a smart coach like Mahmoud El-Gohary.”

He continued: “No one compares Hossam Hassan with others in Egyptian football, for he is the only legend in it, and there is no player or club president who did what he did, and no one can come close to his history.”