Discount when shopping online: The most popular cashback portals

Online shopping discount
The most popular cashback portals

A small detour that pays off: If you start your online purchase on a cashback portal, click on the desired online shop and shop there, you can secure a refund. Read here which portals are best received by customers.

Cashback portals achieve high levels of satisfaction among users in all evaluation areas and are rewarded with mostly good customer ratings. Only two of the 14 portals did not get beyond the overall rating of “satisfactory”, as a current survey by the German Institute for Service Quality shows.

Cashback amount not always convincing

Overall, the amount of cashback satisfies the users. Nevertheless, almost a third of those surveyed did not rate the proceeds as positive. Excessive expectations can lead to disappointment. Although only around seven percent report an annoyance they have experienced, an unattractive cashback amount is the most common cause of displeasure.

More than every tenth with over 100 euros cashback

Ultimately, consumers decide for themselves whether the cashback portal pays out a decent sum. The reason: The cashback also depends to a large extent on your own purchases – there is usually a small percentage of the net purchase amount back. The proceeds vary enormously among the survey participants: more than one in three was able to secure between 10 and 30 euros within a year – at least around 11 percent were able to look forward to a cashback amount of 100 euros or more in the same period.

Satisfaction with the payout of the credit is also high: 77 percent of those surveyed commented positively on the duration and options of the payout. The majority of users – a good 74 percent – are also satisfied with the service provided by the portals. Markus Hamer, Managing Director of the German Institute for Service Quality, draws a positive conclusion: “The high level of customer satisfaction shows that the cashback principle usually works well. Especially for larger purchases, travel bookings or contract conclusions via the Internet, the small detour via a Cashback portal worthwhile.”

The most popular cashback portals

Achieved with the quality rating “good”. look the highest customer satisfaction of all cashback portals. The provider is particularly convincing in terms of payment: around 86 percent of users choose a positive answer option. From the user’s point of view, the portal is also a leader in terms of the number and relevance of partner shops where cashback is possible via Shoop. In addition, no other portal is more willing to recommend it than the surveyed Shoop users.

Takes second place Cashbackdeals.dealso with the overall rating “good”. Above all, those surveyed rated the service positively, about which around 83 percent of those surveyed spoke positively. The vast majority of users are also satisfied with the payment aspect. In addition, only very few survey participants report an annoyance they have experienced.

Get more (Quality rating: “good”) takes third place. With regard to the amount of cashback, the portal performs best in the comparison of providers. In terms of service, the company also achieved a good fourth place. A high level of willingness to recommend rounds off the positive result.