Alleged chat leak: Bill Gates probably continues to short Tesla shares – Elon Musk taunts Gates on Twitter | news

• Alleged chat between Gates and Musk leaked
• Musk taunts Gates with an insulting post
• The two billionaires have different views on many issues

Elon Musk is known for controversial tweets. On the short message platform Twitter, he doesn’t mince his words and regularly mocks various entrepreneurs, investors or politicians. Now the 50-year-old tech billionaire shot Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates.

Alleged chat revealed: Gates still holds short bet against Tesla

A few weeks ago, an alleged chat between Elon Musk and Bill Gates was leaked. This conversation, which Musk says actually took place, can be read on the Whole Mars Catalog Twitter channel. Gates is said to have approached Tesla CEO Musk for financial support for charitable projects to fight climate change. Musk then asked his fellow billionaire if he still owned half a million short Tesla shares (which would currently be worth around $430 million) – a question that Bill Gates did not deny. Tesla boss Musk is said to have broken off the conversation. Musk’s rationale: “I’m sorry, but I can’t take your climate change philanthropy seriously when you’re massively short Tesla, the company doing the most to solve climate change.”

Musk counters Gates’ Tesla short sale with nasty tweet

But apparently Musk couldn’t let it rest on this exchange of messages. On April 23, he taunted Gates via Twitter. In his tweet, Musk shares a photo of Bill Gates in a blue sweater, which he compared to a pregnant emoji man. Musk garnished this tasteless comparison, which received 1.4 million likes, with a raunchy comment. Gates did not reply to this crude affront, apparently he sees silence as the best measure in this conflict.

Much more interesting than his Gates satire is the image Musk posted afterwards, which is the painting “Guardians of Time” by Manfred Kielnhofer, as “t3n” found out. Musk writes about it: “The Shadowban Council is reviewing the tweet…”. A “shadow ban” means the covert blocking of individual users or individual posts by the platform itself. Musk is referring to the alleged curtailment of freedom of expression on Twitter, which he has often criticized – a reason he put forward for the upcoming purchase of the platform.

Musk and Gates: Tech colleagues with different worldviews

Musk and Gates have a lot in common: Both are primarily responsible for the success of a huge tech company, both were (Gates) and are (Musk) at times the richest men in the world, both have gained an enormous amount of public attention beyond their entrepreneurial activities , both boasting huge followings. But the many similarities in no way lead to harmony and unity – quite the opposite. The two have different ideologies that have often collided in public.

Gates criticized Musk’s handling of Corona – and wondered about his space plans

Gates criticized Musk’s relaxed handling of Corona. Musk had mocked the relatively strict lockdown measures in California, while Gates appeared as one of the world leaders in taking strong action against the pandemic. Gates, who in the course of his philanthropic engagement in the “Gates Foundation” has accumulated a large fund of health policy knowledge as an autodidact, has also long been considered a great admonisher of the ever-present danger of a pandemic. Accordingly, Gates described Musk’s vaccine skepticism as “outrageous”.

Another reason for Gates’ astonishment about Musk, who is almost 16 years his junior, is the far-reaching space plans of the Tesla boss. In an interview, Gates showed little understanding about the ambitions of some billionaires like Jeff Bezos, Elon Musk & Co. to venture into space.

Musk, on the other hand, has expressed his displeasure at Gates’ alleged failure to recognize Tesla’s contribution to the fight against climate change. Gates last year praised Musk’s Tesla build to the New York Times as “one of the greatest contributions to climate change anyone has ever made.” But apparently Gates continues to speculate by short selling Tesla shares that the automaker’s value will soon fall. In addition, Gates continues to drive the e-Porsche Taycan and not a Tesla.

It is possible that the two powerful entrepreneurs will continue to have one or the other discussion in the future. Musk’s most recent post is certainly not likely to help resolve the conflict.

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