Vodafone abolishes Red tariffs! What customers can now expect

Until now, Vodafone has marketed its mobile phone tariffs under the name “Red”. But that will end in June. TECHBOOK reveals what is changing in Vodafone’s mobile phone tariffs.

From June 1st, Vodafone will start the GigaMobil tariffs. They replace the previously available Red tariffs. Nothing changes in terms of price for customers. However, you will then get more data volume.

Demand for mobile data in Germany is growing

People in Germany are surfing the Internet more and more on their mobile devices. According to Statista, the data volume transmitted via mobile communications in Germany climbed from around 2.75 billion gigabytes in 2019 to 3.97 billion gigabytes in 2020. Vodafone itself speaks of data consumption of 1.4 billion gigabytes in 2021 in its own network – an increase 27 percent compared to the previous year. The data hunger of the Germans is high.

The network operator is reacting to this development and is changing its mobile phone tariffs on June 1, 2022. With the conversion, Vodafone is not only changing the name of the tariff from “Red” to “GigaMobil”, the provider is also adapting the content of the offers. The new mobile phone tariffs bring more data volume with them, but nothing changes in the included all-network flat rate, the GigaDepot and the price.

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GigaMobil tariffs from Vodafone in detail

Vodafone is introducing two sections of its GigaMobil tariffs – one for young people up to the age of 28 and one for conventional users. The components previously known from the Red and Red Young offers are retained in both the GigaMobil and the GigaMobil Young tariffs. This includes the flat rate for telephony and SMS in all German networks, support for LTE Max and if available 5G, regulated EU roaming as well as WiFi calling and the GigaDepot. The latter allows customers to take the data volume not used in the current month into the next month.

What changes is the data volume included in the tariffs. The smallest offer, the Red XS, previously contained 4 GB. The new GigaMobil XS comes with 5 GB instead. In the S offer, the data volume increases from 10 GB to 12 GB, and in the GigaMobil M, customers even get an extra 5 GB (25 GB instead of 20 GB).

It should be noted that Vodafone does not offer a GigaMobil replacement for the previously marketed Red L with 40 GB. A counterpart is missing in the new tariff list. However, there is still the mobile phone tariff with unlimited data volume. The Unlimited tariff costs EUR 79.99 per month as before, but is now called GigaMobil XL.

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GigaMobil Young for under 28s

Customers under the age of 28 can book Vodafone’s new GigaMobil Young tariffs. They are significantly cheaper than the regular offers. Compared to the previous Red tariffs, there are only changes in the data volume for the GigaMobil M. Here, customers receive 5 GB more data per month.

All GigaMobil tariffs can be combined with a Vodafone landline or TV product. Customers can save up to 15 euros a month with this GigaKombi benefit. It is also possible to add additional SIM cards to the contract. A multi-SIM is already included in the XL tariffs.