The Germans trust these brands the most

Some product brands have made it; Consumers automatically associate their names with quality. A study shows which companies enjoy the most trust.

Big names have once again landed at the top of the list of the most trustworthy brands in Germany. For example, Germans have the most trust in Volkswagen when it comes to cars, in Edeka when it comes to trading companies, in Bosch when it comes to household appliances and in Frosch when it comes to household cleaners. This was determined by Reader’s Digest in the “Trusted Brand 2022” study in cooperation with the Aachen-based Institute Dialego.

A total of 4,000 consumers aged 18 and over were surveyed. For each industry, they should name the brand that they personally trust the most and would recommend to friends and family members. There were no preset answers to choose from; the respondents were free to name brands.

They indicated a total of 3,578 different brands across the 20 product categories. In the previous year there were 3,265. According to the study makers, this leads to the conclusion that consumers will continue to place their trust in many established brands, but also in new ones.

Most Trusted Brands 2022 by German consumers

Product Category/Industry Most Trusted Brand Number of brands mentioned
automobile Volkswagen 54
banks savings bank 79
clothing C&A 428
cold medicine wick 173
weight loss Weight Watchers 163
trading company Edeka 215
domestic appliances Bosch 101
household cleaners frog 143
skin care Nivea 217
Mineral water Gerolsteiner 274
mobile phone / smart phone Samsung 60
food DR Oetker 380
Painkiller aspirin 106
sect Little Red Riding Hood 121
confectionery Haribo 172
tea teapot 172
Vegan/vegetarian products Ruegenwald mill 170
insurances alliance 140
vitamin products abbey 303
laundry detergent Parsely 107

Source: Reader’s Digest: Trusted Brands 2022 Germany

In surveys in previous years, most of these brands also held a top position. According to the study makers, however, this is not a self-evident position; the annual study would have often found shifts.

In 2022, for example, Samsung will remain the “Most Trusted Brand” in the mobile phones/smartphones category, but Xiaomi will overtake the brands Telekom and Nokia and move up from 6th place in 2021 to 4th place directly behind Apple and Huawei.

“Companies can build trust anchors”

“We are currently experiencing a crisis-ridden time like never before. In view of this, the keyword ‘trust’ takes on a whole new meaning,” says Andreas Schröder, Managing Director of Reader’s Digest Germany. “What applies now more than ever: Many long for security, more normality and more ease again. Here, companies and brands can even build trust anchors and show perspectives.”

One in five respondents agreed (very much) with the statement: “I have used brands or products that I know and trust more often than before the pandemic.”

The study also asked what brands would have to offer in order to win the trust of consumers. Most respondents (73 percent) stated that the products or services had to be of high quality. For 47 percent in each case, the price-performance ratio also played a role and that the products meet needs.

Since 2001, Reader’s Digest has surveyed Germans’ brand trust every year.