Sat.1 also repeats “Anna and Love” – ​​

Telenovela fans will now get their money’s worth on Saturday mornings. From now on, four episodes of the telenovela with Jeanette Biedermann will be shown each week at around 8:15 a.m. – directly following “Verliebt in Berlin”, the dose of which will be reduced from six to four episodes as well. So if you want to follow the fateful path of the shy Anna Polauke again, you now have the opportunity to do so.

In addition, Sat.1 is making further changes to its chronically weak Saturday programming. The repetitions of the new dating show “Love in the Mind – The Marriage Experiment” originally planned for the afternoon are canceled due to poor ratings. In return, Sat.1 will continue to put on cooking shows for hours: From 10:15 a.m., re-runs of the current episodes of “Das Große Backen – Die Profis” and “Fridge Open!” will follow. From 2:55 p.m., the broadcaster then fetches “Battle of the Cooks – Who hits the professional in the pan?” with two episodes in a row from the archive – a short-lived format with Alexander Herrmann, which was canceled in 2016 after 50 episodes the evening before. You don’t have to understand what Sat.1 expects from this…

Anna and love

Anna Polauke (Jeanette Biedermann) is lovable, creative and intelligent – but unfortunately also incredibly shy. She dreams of a job as a copywriter, but there is a hard and rocky road ahead of her. Anna’s scheming stepsister Katja (Karolina Lodyga) isn’t much help – because Katja quickly steals Anna’s ideas and gets a job in the advertising agency Broda & Broda, which is directly opposite the Polauke family’s restaurant. And not only that: Katja can even conquer the heart of Anna’s big crush, the attractive junior boss Jonas Broda (Roy Peter Link). There are also numerous conflicts in the agency, because the Broda family is hopelessly at odds and there is a fierce power struggle raging over the management of the company. It’s not easy for Anna at home either: stepfather Armin (Rainer Will) is a master of manipulation and prefers his own daughter Katja whenever he can…

In addition to Jeanette Biedermann, numerous prominent faces played in “Anna und die Liebe” – Alexander Klaws and Mathieu Carrière were in the cast from the start. Later Tanja Wenzel, Fiona Erdmann and Larissa Marolt joined them.

A total of 926 episodes in four seasons were produced between 2008 and 2012. After a somewhat bumpy start, the series became a success after Sat.1 moved it from the 7 p.m. time slot to 6:30 p.m. a few weeks later. At the beginning of 2010, Jeanette Biedermann took a break to go on a concert tour. Meanwhile, Josephine Schmidt took center stage as Anna’s cousin Mia. Biedermann returned in autumn 2010, but almost a year later she announced her final exit. Maria Wedig took on the leading role as Nina Benzoni in autumn 2011 – the series still retained the title “Anna and Love”. However, the ratings fell rapidly, which is why Sat.1 sold the telenovela to its smaller sister station sixx in January 2012, where the remaining 50 or so episodes were shown. Instead, at 6:30 p.m., Sat.1 now showed the scripted reality “Low and low – investigating commissioners”.

Incidentally, “Anna and Love” was originally supposed to be titled “In Love Lena”. However, this was discarded because the abbreviation commonly used in the soap genre would otherwise have been “ILL” (English: “sick”).