Russia and Ukraine: What if the West united by conflict differed today?

  • James Landal
  • Diplomatic Affairs Correspondent

picture released, Getty Images

Russia’s war on Ukraine has unified the West, and the conflict has highlighted the values ​​it espouses, but how long can this unified stance last when the conflict enters the next stage? Here are five issues that could eventually lead to divisions within the Western alliance.

war goals

Before the war, Western democracies at times seemed uncertain about their future goals, some questioned their alliances, while others succumbed to nationalist sentiments. However, the conflict reminded the West of the values ​​it represents, which are freedom, independence of the state, and the rule of law. This, in turn, led to a united position on Russian aggression against Ukraine.

But despite all the diplomatic efforts of UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres and other leaders, this war could go on for some time. Is it possible that what we are witnessing today is the peak stage for the Western alliance? There are difficult choices ahead that may make it difficult for Western powers to pursue the same diplomatic path.

The objectives of the war against Russia are perhaps the most important source of tensions. Currently, the West is uniting behind the slogan of defending Ukraine, providing economic and military support to help the country resist.