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In his best seller, “I can do that”, the well-known coach Bodo Schäfer tells a story about the three words that change our lives and shows how self-confidence can be trained.

Written not like a life coach, but as a novel, “I Can Do It” is the story of Karl, an insecure young law student who little by little decodes the access to good self-confidence. Through more self-confidence, self-esteem and a better self-image with which one can achieve anything.

This leads to the following three questions: Can I do that? am i lovable Who am I? After all, self-confidence is the basis of happiness and success.

To discover or to give away, I “can do that” illustrates the approach that has made Bodo Schäfer so famous: Clear and simple messages that make it possible for everyone to have a better quality of life and through books, online LIVE seminars and online coaching by Bodo Schäfer Academy (BSA) are developed and sold.

The focus is on the topics of financial education, personal development and entrepreneurship. The BSA offers proven step-by-step instructions for the path to freedom. Together with founder and money coach Bodo Schäfer and many other well-known TOP coaches, the BSA helps everyone who wants to transform themselves to make a masterpiece out of their life.

“I CAN THAT” helps to:

• get a better effect on other people,

• to feel more determination in life,

• have more power to make decisions,

• to avoid excessive demands, stress and trouble in everyday life in the future,

• have more motivation and energy when tackling important tasks,

• achieve more success at work

• and build more hope and confidence in life, even in difficult situations.


At a time when start-ups are founded every day, when digitization enables everyone to realize business ideas, very few manage to achieve great success, or even “lucky” success. Because it’s not just about getting richer, but also being happy in the process by considering all the big L’s: love, live, learn and our life’s work.

Curious? Would you like to take a look inside the book or talk to the author about the book’s challenges? I would be happy to reserve a review copy for you and put you in touch with the author!

About the book:


A story about the three words that change our lives

by Bodo Schäfer, 256 pages, hardcover, EUR 20, ISBN: 9783423262934, paperback: ISBN 9783423351850, EUR 11.95

About the author:

Bodo Schäfer is the world’s most successful money coach and multiple bestselling author. His books include, for example, “The Road to Financial Freedom”, “The Laws of Winners” and the work “I can do that”, which was published in 2021. His books have sold over 18 million copies in over 30 languages ​​worldwide. The children’s book, “A Dog Named Money”, is the world’s most successful children’s book about the right way to deal with money.

The story of Kira and her dog “Money” has already been performed as a musical and has been required reading in all Chinese schools since 2021. His seminars have already been attended by over 800,000 people. He is currently followed by more than 1 million fans on his social media channels – and the trend is rising.

»Only those who say with conviction: ‘I can do it! I am adorable! And I know exactly who I am!‹ will lead a successful, self-confident and free life.« Bodo Schäfer

Would you like to find out more about the book? You can find more information on the page https://shop.bodoschaefer-akademie.de/collections/kat-1/products/ich-kann-das.

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