Darfur: Why are the Janjawid continuing their attacks?

  • Muhannad Hashem
  • BBC News

picture released, France Press agency

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The Rapid Support Forces have expanded to include the Janjaweed, and some of their members have participated in the recent violence

A major city in Sudan’s Darfur region has come under violent attack, days after thousands of people arrived there in search of a safe haven, after their town was set on fire by Arab horse-riding militia known as Janjaweed.

The Central Committee of Sudanese Doctors said on Twitter: “For the first time in the history of El Geneina, the hospital was completely evacuated, and all health institutions in the city were closed. Knowing that El Geneina Hospital, located in West Darfur, was operating even at the height of the conflict that began in the country in 2003, Which left about 300,000 people dead and left more than two million people homeless.

An aid worker in El Geneina told the BBC that he and his colleagues were staying in a safe house, where they were able to hear gunfire across the city.

Many displaced families who fled some time ago to escape the Janjaweed, and are actually living in camps in the south of the city, are now panicking and leaving their makeshift shelters.