A book – a tree: Sauerland author is committed to reforestation

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Millions of bark beetles, the storms of recent years and the persistent drought are not only affecting the forest in the Sauerland. In Carla Thompkin’s homeland, however, the consequences of climate change and forestry monocultures are particularly visible: brown hilltops, dead wood as far as the eye can see. The hope lies in reforestation with resilient trees. That’s what the Sauerland author Carla Thompkins wants with her “One Book – One Tree” campaign. The narrative publisher supports them in this.

The towns and communities have learned from the mistakes of the past: bare areas are now being reforested with mixed trees, including oak, beech, larch and chestnut. The new forest is to be mixed, the susceptible spruce monoculture is a thing of the past. In many places in the Sauerland, tree sponsorships, support associations and non-profit organizations have been set up for reforestation.

The Medebach author Carla Thompkins would like to support campaigns of this kind: For each of her books that finds its way to its readers through retailers, the author, who lives in the Deifeld district, donates one euro for reforestation, which corresponds to the cost of a tree.

One book – one tree: That sounds catchy and is easy to understand. Fortunately, Carla Thompkins can draw on the experience of many friends and acquaintances who have already taken part in tree planting campaigns. “I get in touch with local community committees and the forest administration. Then a piece of forest is selected that needs to be reforested,” says the 72-year-old.

Grandpa, Uncle Hellmut, Castadarrow and me

So far, the Sauerland woman has published two books in Ernarverlag. In 2019 her booklet “A dog meditates. Experiences of a travel dog about farewells and departures” was published, in which Carla Thompkins vividly tells her eventful life at home and abroad from her dog’s point of view. This year followed “Grandpa, Uncle Hellmut, Castadarrow and I. A Life with Entanglements”, which was published in the Biography publishing series. In it she tells an autobiographical account of seventy years of life.

She grew up in a four-generation household, with grandma, grandpa and uncle Hellmut, but without a father or mother. At preschool age, the girl fell seriously ill with a virus. It is not allowed to attend kindergarten for two years. Their playgrounds are a spacious old building and a large castle park. Among the visitors is the theologian, philosopher, musician and doctor Albert Schweitzer. The Nobel Peace Prize winner, affectionately known as Uncle Berti, gave the girl a sentence to take with her life: “Most people withdraw the wine when God wants to pour it for them!”

The encounter with Albert Schweitzer initially seems to have had no effect on the nine-year-old. She remains a shy girl. But then, as a young woman! Schweizer’s way of learning and living seems to be an incentive to do something similar: Carla Thompkins is completing her spiritual transformation in places at home and abroad, in various professions and, last but not least, with her husband Castadarrow. The strength for her own change and her desire to serve the well-being of humanity – as an internationally active government, education and communication consultant – is a result of her spiritual home.

Carla Thompkins knows how to tell life themes such as a sense of family and a sense of community, improving human coexistence, friendship and responsibility, helpfulness, illness, farewell and dying in simple, direct words with great ease.

We would be happy to send you a review copy free of charge. Carla Thompkins, who lives with her husband in the Deifeld district of Medebach, is also available for interviews about her “One Book – One Tree” campaign and about her latest book.
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