WoW: Ramble through Azeroth – Explore the continent of Northrend in the new book

There is a lot to discover in World of Warcraft, after all the popular MMO has one of the largest game worlds ever. In recent years we have explored small islands and large continents in WoW, and even solved the mystery of the creation of the cosmos in Shadowlands. However, Azeroth still holds many mysteries just waiting to be revealed.

WoW: Wrath of the Lich King Classic – Trailer for Northrend Classic!

In order to bring the history of WoW closer to the players, Blizzard has been publishing books and novels with great regularity for years. With the book series “Streifzug durch Azeroth” the developers present the continents of Azeroth individually. In the first part of World of Warcraft: Rambling Azeroth: The Eastern Kingdoms Master Spy Mathias Shaw and Captain Finn Fairwind embark on a journey through the Eastern Kingdoms to chronicle stories and uncover all sorts of treasures. A few months later followed World of Warcraft: Rambling Azeroth: Kalimdor the second part of the series, in which we readers accompany the legendary Horde hero Rexxar and the Darkspear troll Zekhan on their foray through the dangerous wilderness of Kalimdor.