“Farmer is looking for a woman” false start – participants let farmers sit

Coffee farmer Félix has to wait longer than expected for his candidates.RTL / Edward Bolivar films

04/27/2022, 10:36 am04/27/2022, 10:37 am

At the beginning of December, the previous season of “Bauer sucht Frau” ended and at least there were three couples in the finale who found each other – even if there wasn’t a happy ending for everyone. Organic farmers Mathias and Sabrina as well as suckler cow farmers Nils and Vanessa are still a couple and have now moved in together or are engaged. Farmers Peter and Kerstin, on the other hand, who formed the dream couple of the past “Bauer sucht Frau” edition, are no longer together.

Fans will have to wait a few more months for new episodes of the regular dome show. Until then, a new season of “Bauer sucht Frau International” will sweeten the long wait. In the fourth season, four farmers and one farmer from different countries are looking for love. Among them is coffee farmer Félix from Peru. But the journey of the 55-year-old on the RTL dating show begins with a false start: He is transferred by his two candidates immediately after their arrival.

“Farmer is looking for a wife”: Simone and Monika’s arrival is delayed – the long journey is the reason

From the applicants, Félix invited the waitress Monika and the beautician Simone to visit him at his coffee farm. “They are two different women. I hope that it will then be easier for me to decide.”he justifies his selection on the show. What he likes about Simone is that she looks like “a coffee bean” and can play the guitar, he explains. And he raves about Monika: “I found her eyes so loving, big blue eyes with beautiful eyelashes.”

When Monika and Simone arrive in the Peruvian capital Lima, both are still full of anticipation. “Oh my god, I’m in Peru and later I’ll see Félix, that’ll be exciting again”Simone is happy when she arrives, but the two women’s good mood quickly fades.

Because first they have to get from Lima to Oxapampa, where Félix’s coffee farm is located. That means a distance of more than 400 kilometers and a ten-hour drive, which partly goes over one of the highest mountain passes in the world. During the long drive to Oxapampa, the mood of the two candidates then changes significantly. At first they are shocked by the poverty they are confronted with in Peru. So Simone admits when looking at the houses:

“I hadn’t imagined it being that bad.”

Monika and Simone notice the difficult journey.

Monika and Simone notice the difficult journey.Screenshot rtl

And the two women also imagined the journey from Lima to Oxapampa to be less bad. Above all, the increasingly thin air and the fog bother them. After more than ten hours of driving, they decide to break off the car journey. “I just don’t have the strength anymore”moans Simone. Monika agrees: “I didn’t want to go to Félix anymore. It can’t go on. We have to sleep and freshen up, but that’s the end of it for today.”

Finally, the women decide to spend the first night in Peru in a hotel instead of with coffee farmer Félix. They informed the farmer of their decision via video call: “Unfortunately we’re in the hotel, we’re not driving today because we’re too tired. But we’re looking forward to seeing you when we finally see you and then we’ll be fresh too.” Félix is ​​anything but enthusiastic about the new developments:

“Now they’re here, but they still don’t come to me on the same day. That’s a disappointment.”

Coffee farmer Félix has been single for nine years.

Coffee farmer Félix has been single for nine years.Screenshot rtl

Nevertheless, he is looking forward to the coming day with the women, says Félix. However, the hotel owner did not tell his guests one important thing during the phone call: There is currently only cold water in his house and the women will not have their own rooms either. So there are still a few surprises waiting for Monika and Simone when they arrive.


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