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5 Fantasy Books Worth Reading!

Apr 27, 2022 – 12:49 p.m watch

Just escape everyday life, switch off completely and look into new worlds – that’s possible with a good fantasy book. We’ve put together five titles that you should know about if you enjoy mind-travelling.

Book recommendation 1: “Mr. Parnassus’ home for the magically gifted”

For decades, Linus Baker has been responsible for the welfare of magically gifted children and young people in a special department of the youth welfare office. Sounds crazy, but it’s rather monotonous – until his life is suddenly turned upside down because he is sent on a secret mission. Linus is sent to a remote island to investigate the orphanage of a certain Mr. Parnassus.

Linus notes that Mr. Parnassus’ charges are a bit special – “one of them might even be the devil’s son,” says the book’s blurb. The rather conservative civil servant Linus embarks on the magical adventure that awaits him on the island. A decision with far-reaching consequences!

Book recommendation 2: “Lovely Faces: How Blue. How Beautiful.”

The dystopia takes place in London, where in the year 2099 things are no longer as we know them today. Jadelyn Lovelace is an advocate of the “flawless” living free of religion in central London in 2099. As the face of her society, she supports its principles of peace, discipline and perfection. But a tragic event turns her into a renegade and forces her to flee.

The plot is very up-to-date by taking up moral and social issues and makes you think, but above all it gives you hope. “Lovely Faces” impresses with profound characters that feel like family after reading it. The authentic thing is that none of the characters are flawless. The story isn’t lacking in humor and excitement either. Anyone who likes volume 1 of “Lovely Faces” will hardly be able to wait for the next volume “How Green. How Gentle.”* after reading it. Conveniently, the title came out on April 13th.

Book recommendation 3: “Cherry Blossom Girl”

This title is the first in a magical romance trilogy that will set your heart in turmoil. A stranger kidnaps Clara to Japan. He reveals to her that he belongs to the last ninja guild in the world. At first Clara does not recognize who is good and who is bad, but over time she finds her way into the new world. The stranger’s name is Jarik and he keeps her at a distance, which only makes the two of them tingle even more. Does Jarik have a dark secret?

The mysterious-magical love story is full of unforeseen surprises, but fans of romance will also get their money’s worth with “Cherry Blossom Girl”. If you want to continue reading right away, you will find two more volumes of the “Blossom Trilogy” on Amazon & Co.:

Book recommendation 4: “Crescent City”

Bryce Quinlan is half-Fae and half-human. She enjoys every pleasure that Crescent City’s nights have to offer. “But then her best friend Danika is brutally murdered by a demon – and for Bryce the whole world collapses,” reveals the blurb for the book. The horror does not end with this attack, because the demon continues to kill. To solve the case, Bryce must cooperate with an angel named Hunt, who also has blood on his hands. It quickly becomes apparent that all of Crescent City is in danger.

The work of Sarah J. Maas definitely has what it takes to captivate readers with suspense. Also because her heroine Bryce has nothing left to lose.

Book recommendation 5: “The song of the crows”

This saga is a bestseller in the USA and author Leigh Bardugo also has many fans in this country. “The Song of the Crows” has already received over 1,100 ratings on Amazon – over 70 percent with 5 out of 5 possible stars. A strong value.

What is it about? In Ketterdam, a bustling port city, Kaz Brekker has worked his way up to become the ruthless right-hand man of a gang boss. “One day, when he receives a job offer that would bring him untold wealth, Kaz knows two things: First, this money will avenge his brother’s death. Second, there’s no way he can do the job alone…” reads the blurb. Sounds good and the story is good too. Kaz must rescue a magician from the world’s most secure prison with a team of six “Crows”.

With this selection of fantasy literature there should be something for every bookworm – the books promise a mix of suspense, romance and future visions. Anyone who has found their favorite among the authors can often be happy several times because the books are often part of a series. (pron)

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