Dia Al-Sayed talks about .. Salah’s position in the formation

The former general coach of the national team, Diaa El-Sayed, denounced what was being circulated about the situation of the Egyptian national team player and professional in the ranks of Liverpool, Mohamed Salah, to form the Pharaohs.

Al-Sayed said, in statements on Youth and Sports Radio, today, Tuesday, laughing: “He is the one who sets the formation, coaches and types of food,” while laughing also responded to Salah’s pressure to be in the technical staff of the team by saying: “It was pressure and made me a coach and Ihab left, there are educated people. She says that, what is this mental deficiency,” before adding with a laugh: “I was telling Salah that you must interfere in everything. You are the best player in the world.”

And the presenter of the program returned to asking him if Salah sat down to put the formation with them, to which Diaa Al-Sayed replied with a laugh: “He sits with us for lunch and dinner, then he sleeps early and we wait until he falls asleep and we put the formation, and what is said Harry and Cat finds people who hear him, Salah is beautiful and knows his role well and the limits of his role he knows. He is doing well and is doing well, especially in the last African Championship, and there is a shift in Salah’s personality, so we have gathered a lot in the national team, but during the past six months it has been something different and he has maturity.”

The presenter of the program asked a new question about Salah’s support for him to be in the technical staff, saying: “After Bradley, Shawky Gharib came, then Cooper Fajiri and Hossam Al-Badri. Where am I from these devices and I am in contact with Salah during this period, Queiroz left, why did he not say that I take over the task?” “.

And the former general coach of the national team responded to the accusation of the technical staff led by the Portuguese Queiroz of paying attention to the defense, saying: “Al-Ahly in the last match played a great match, the ball was defense and attack. From an opportunity, but in the end we were balanced.” And he responded to the team’s injustice to Salah by saying: “Morocco, Ivory Coast and Senegal attacked us, then Senegal played 3 matches, including two matches for 120 minutes, scored 25 goals and scored 5 goals, including two matches with penalty kicks. You may say my goal rate is low, but with the big teams I faced, a balanced rate and the rate could have increased, but it would not be the cornerstone for collapsing in your assessment.”

And he continued, “You want to play like Liverpool, but there are very big data: what is your league like and there are many things, and there are things as a coach who is keen on them, but we did not (park the bus) all the time at the start of the match, there is a very big profit.” Then he responded to Queiroz’s qualification of the players. The new to participate in the national team, by saying: “He is a professor and (worked) me and Shawqi in such cases,” while he explained that the reason for pushing Rami Rabia in the Senegal match technically, by saying: “He played for a reason I do not want to mention, but it is a convincing technical reason for us that I cannot say.” , But he was chosen after a search, and we stayed 12 hours to determine who would play alongside Yasser Ibrahim.. Run analytics.”

And the presenter of the program asked Diaa El-Sayed a question in this context, were you convinced of that?, to reply: “It has nothing to do with Queiroz and as long as Queiroz took the decision, then we are with him. , before he went on to say: “Do you imagine that in 6 months you left an Arab championship for the African Nations Cup and the qualifiers matches, including me only (laughing), do not waste time standing with Ihab Jalal, for the team has matches in May.”

And about the attack on Queiroz due to the exclusion of Tariq Hamed from his formation, he said with a laugh: “Who was insulted? .. Me and Muhammad Shawqi and it was said that the Al-Ahly apparatus, then when Muhammad Sharif and Muhammad Majdi (Afsha) were excluded, they returned to insult us, so he was accused on both sides. The thing that bothered him the most was his biography. Clubs in any meeting, there is a member who said in a club biography meeting, so the response here was we are working for the Egyptian national team, not a club, even in his conferences he used to say do not talk to me about a player or club, I am here for the Egyptian national team, he is not against any player and he has no position against anyone but Tactical situations only, and what is being raised about Tariq’s “heart” is the face of any words and shameful words to be said; Tariq is a great player, and the man said the player who is not sad because of his lack of participation has no sense, any exclusion was technical or injury, but the impossibility of being a personal matter against any player.