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A good Christmas book is needed to create a contemplative Advent atmosphere. Whether picture books, handicraft books, novels or poems – tips for children of all ages.

by Catherine Mahrenholtz

The first candle is already burning: the pre-Christmas period began last weekend. For a nice Advent mood for children and parents, you need books – to read aloud, to do handicrafts or to look at.

“When Santa Claus Came”: Poems for Christmas

“When Nicholas Came” by Clement C. Moore in the translation by Erich Kästner was published by Atrium Verlag and costs 12.40 euros.

Poems are as much a part of Christmas as songs are. One of the finest Christmas poems is “The Night Before Christmas” by Clement C. Moore, written in 1822. There are many editions of this poem in which the narrator relates his encounter with Santa Claus – one has just appeared with Atrium, illustrated by Kai Würbs with nostalgically delicate pictures. The German translation is by Erich Kästner and spreads Christmas excitement right from the first verse:

the night before Christmas,
there was rain in the house
no one and nothing
not even a mouse.
From “When Santa Claus Came” by Erich Kästner

You have to explain a few things that are typical of the country to children – for example that American children hang stockings on the chimney and that Santa Claus has his own means of transport.

Eight tiny reindeer
came running
in front of a very, very small one
Sled cocked!
From “When Santa Claus Came” by Erich Kästner

“Lichtungen”: handicraft book advent calendar for children from 5

book cover of "clearings" by Stephanie Brall and Ann-Kathrin Blohmer.  © bene!  Publisher

“Lichtungen” by Stephanie Brall and Ann-Kathrin Blohmer was published by bene and costs 12.99 euros.

What you also absolutely need in the run-up to Christmas is a good handicraft book – all the better if it works like an advent calendar. A wonderfully poetic Advent calendar book for children aged five and over has now been published by the Lower Saxon artists Stephanie Brall and Ann-Kathrin Blohmer.

There is a double page full of good ideas for each day: handicraft instructions, stories, riddles, recipes, play ideas for indoors and outdoors. There is always space for your own entries – a wish list, for example – and there is always the little squirrel that you cut out on the first day and attach to the top of the calendar. “Lichtungen” is the name of this hands-on calendar that accompanies the children until December 26th.

“Summerby 3”: novel for children from 10

book cover of "summerby" (3rd volume) by Kirsten Boie.  © Oetinger Verlag

“Sommerby” by Kirsten Boie was published by Oetinger and costs 14 euros.

And if you’re looking for a really big novel for the next few weeks or are already looking for a Christmas present for children aged ten and over, we definitely recommend the third volume in the “Sommerby” trilogy by Kirsten Boie. Martha, Matts and Mikkel were actually looking forward to a quiet Christmas at Grandma Inge’s, but then they find out that the helmsman’s island is to be sold: Of course, the locals don’t want to accept that – so there is still a lot of excitement including a snowstorm before Christmas Eve.

“How we celebrated Christmas in Småland” by Astrid Lindgren

book cover of "How we celebrated Christmas in Småland".

“How we celebrated Christmas in Småland” by Astrid Lindgren was published by Oetinger and costs 15 euros.

In “How we celebrated Christmas in Småland” Astrid Lindgren tells of her own Christmas celebrations in 1913. How she and her brother Gunnar fetched a tree from the forest, impatiently awaited the presents, and drove to grandmother’s in a basket sleigh. Not much action, but the quaintly old-fashioned (and funny too!) text and illustrations immediately give you that Lindgren feel – a book that really fits in nicely with the holiday season.

Christmas picture book with rhymes for children aged 3 and up

book cover of "One two three reindeer" by Nadia Budde.

“One Two Three Reindeer” by Nadia Budde was published by Hammer Verlag and costs 14 euros.

“One Two Three Reindeer” by Nadia Budde is a small-format, funny picture book for children aged three and over. Here the typical Christmas staff appear one after the other: nutcracker, gingerbread man, lamb, fir tree, reindeer – all strikingly drawn and wonderfully slanted in rhyme.

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