Aldi warns customers – “Have you learned anything in the last 2 years?”

Aldi warns customers strictly – “Have we not learned anything?”

Aldi vs. Lidl – the ultimate comparison

Aldi vs. Lidl – the ultimate comparison

Numbers, data, facts: Where is it cheaper? who is bigger Which discounter is being criticized?

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finally has Aldi Sunflower oil on sale again!

In the past few weeks, the shelves at the discounter have been regularly empty. Customers had hoarded the product so much that Aldi at times no longer offered sunflower oil.

Aldi: Sunflower oil and flour – when will hamsters stop?

Sunflower Oil: Is It the New Flour? For some it has definitely become a new currency, just like toilet paper years ago. There has been a shortage of flour and sunflower oil in the supermarkets for many weeks.

And we all ask ourselves: When will the hoarding end?

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This is Aldi:

  • Aldi Nord and Aldi Süd are two separate groups of companies in Essen and Mülheim
  • Aldi stands for Albrecht-Discount: In 1913, Karl Albrecht set up his own bread shop in Essen
  • In 1962, the family business was converted into a pure discounter and got its current name “Aldi”.
  • The separation into north and south took place in 1961
  • Aldi is now one of the ten largest retail groups in the world
  • All worldwide branches are assigned to the two companies based in the cities of the Ruhr area

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++++ Aldi: customer goes shopping – when he sees this hamster product, he falls from his faith ++++

Aldi: Customer draws new hope

“It’s going up – since yesterday the shelves at Aldi, which have been empty for weeks, have been stocked with oil again! Funny to watch: a woman standing in front of it in disbelief, took out a bottle, shook it, put it back, took it out again… Seemed to think they were dummies,” the customer reports on Twitter about her experience and posts a picture of the bottle actually filled Sunflower Oil Shelves. But a piece of paper placed at eye level makes you think.

Aldi speaks seriously to customers: “Are you buying the oil because you need it? Or do you buy the oil because everyone is doing it? If everyone shops normally, such bottlenecks cannot arise. Haven’t we learned anything in the last two years?”

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Aldi: No understanding for hamster purchases

But not everyone believes their eyes. “What wonderland is that supposed to be in? I am regularly in eleven different supermarkets in Berlin. I haven’t been able to buy sunflower oil anywhere for over a month,” said one user under the post.

Another user can’t believe it either, he writes: “Our Aldi is getting emptier, for weeks there has been a lack of rice, tuna and kitchen rolls in addition to the usual suspects.”

++++ Aldi with a big change – customers can look forward to that soon ++++

Many users do not understand this situation. “Exactly what Aldi describes on the notice is the reason for the shortage. These short purchases are actually totally nonsensical and the defect is self-made,” writes one user. (ali)